BAPIs for changing IS-U master data

Recently I found some BAPIs for changing IS-U master data. Here you are:

  • BAPI_ISUPARTNER_CHANGE - Business Partner
  • BAPI_ISUACCOUNT_CHANGE - Contract Account
  • BAPI_ISUCONTRCT_CHANGEFROMDATA - Contract: well this one is a little tricky. Even some common fields are not included in the standard interface, you have to use EXTENSIONIN. Make sure you name the fields of your new append to BAPI_TE_EVER as in table EVER or else they won't be transferred.
  • BAPI_FUNCLOC_CHANGE - Device location
  • BAPI_EQUI_CHANGE - Equipment

I tried them all, they seem to work, but remember: I have only changed one single field with them - no complex operations.

Always put an 'X' into the corresponding field of the import parameter DATA_...X you want to change.

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